Contact Keeper is a better way to keep business cards and meeting notes together...

Everyone has experienced the frustration of returning from a meeting, trade show, or event with a pocketful of random business cards and mismatched scribbled notes. We designed the Contact Keeper family of products to solve that problem so people can be organized and productive.

Your important contact's business card, and the critical notes from your meeting, can now be kept together and organized for future reference. You can prioritize your follow-up in an effective way and filter new contacts before entering them into your digital contact database. Contact Keeper is perfect for sales people, managers, buyers, trade show attendees, exhibitors, event planners, networkers, and anybody who meets a lot of people and needs to stay organized.

Contact Keeper is designed for individual needs...

Contact Keeper's three product sizes support a range of business activities and individual needs. Whether you prefer a compact style for walking a trade show, a larger portfolio style for longer sit-down meetings, or a total hands-free pocket size approach, Contact Keeper has a specialized product that will work for you.

Look for the Contact Keeper product line launching in 2010 at retailers near you. Contact Keeper is also available with your company or event logo.

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